Do Wasps Nests cause damage?


A Wasps Nest Found in a garden Treated

Finding a wasp nest can be stressful. Your fast and safe response to your wasp nest situation is here. A wasp nest in your loft can get large enough to house 20,000+  by the end of the season. They can also be found next to windows and in the ground.

Don't panic our innovative safe solution costing just £60 will soon get rid of your wasp nest, and that's guaranteed. We get rid of wasps nests in Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford, Reading, Aylesbury, Henley, and Wallingford to name a few places. 


How to get rid of wasps nests is explained in our 'What we do' section. We have always been cheaper than anyone else (including the council!) AND include our same day friendly service. Remember we don't only kill wasp nests, as well as being mole destroyers our big sister site does every kind of pest control.

Once we have arranged a convenient appointment time (usually AM or PM  time slot), your wasp destroyer will happily talk you through the course of action to remove your wasp nest. Wasp nests start forming in April when the queen wasps wake from hibernation and start to produce worker wasps throughout the season until September when the nest will die. Remember we cover  Oxford, Abingdon, Wallingford, Henley, and many other places. For more information on our coverage area, our coverage map will explain all.


It is important to kill the wasp nest as soon as possible because, at the end of the season, around six more queens wasps are produced ready to begin hibernation for the next season, making the issue worse. In fact, over winter take a look in your loft and you may well see what look like large dead wasps but are actually sleeping Queen wasps ready for the summer.

What does a wasp nest look like?

Ever wondered what a wasp nest looks like? The picture shows a great example of wasp nest in a tree taken in Oxford. The clever structure is built from chewed up wood fencing and garden furniture.


Remember to be extra careful around wasp nests found outdoors because if they fall, wasps will gather protecting the nest leading to a very dangerous situation. Commonly, nests are found in warm and dry conditions such as lofts and facias. Take a look at the 'What we do?' section to see some of the strange places we have found nests over the years.

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