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Wasps are known to sting even when they are not provoked. A sting can be extremely painful especially when you have an allergic reaction. Wasp nest removal is therefore required when you notice a level of activity of wasps in and around your property in order to reduce the risk of being stung.

When dealing with wasp nest removal it is vital you do not attempt this yourself. Wasp nest removal can be extremely dangerous, multiple stings can lead to a hospital visit and in rare cases where wasps have stung inside the mouth or other sensitive areas even death.

Wasp Nest Removed is the Wasp department of We have been trading since 2017 and come highly skilled, trained & recommended. by NPTA as professional Pest Control.

The common wasp, (VESPULA VULGARIS),  in the UK will start their season around March April time. The Queen will start waking from their over wintering and immediately start looking for an warm, sheltered and undisturbed nesting site to start her new colony. This could be in your loft, soffit, wall, garage, shed, etc. The Queen has sperm stored in her body from last season  so she sets about building an starter nest and building cells to lay her first eggs.  The Queen will solely concentrate on looking after her eggs and nest building for the next month or so until her eggs hatch, turn into grubs and finally into soldier Wasps. The soldier Wasps will then take over nest building and look after the Queens needs, so she can concentrate on egg laying.

By August/September time the nest numbers will be in there thousands all aggressively defending their queen and nest. The females will evict the males near the end of the season as they have no use for them anymore. The males will be seen feeding on fallen fruit, getting drunk on apple juice etc and then stinging humans for fun. The females will die off naturally. The Queen would laid around 100 Queen eggs at this stage that are ready to fly off and mate with males that are still feeding on the fallen fruit, once impregnated the new Queens will find new warm & safe place to over winter, and so the process starts over again.....



Wasps are active all the way up to October/November sometimes can be still active in December depending on weather conditions.


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