Ficam D and Its Properties

Ficam D is one of the most used insecticides for the control of wasps and hornets. The product is tried and tested and has been in use for over 30 years. This wasp control product comes in a dustable powder form packaged in a re-sealable container.
The insecticide has a particulate nature. As such, it cannot be absorbed by surfaces, which makes it to provide residual protection for extended periods. Ficam D is also non-staining, non-corrosive and it is odourless. And because wasps have a strong sense of smell, its odourless nature ensures the insecticide does not repel them before coming into contact with the dust.
The product contains 1.25% w/w Bendiocarb making it highly effective. It is also biodegradable and, therefore, does not contaminate the environment.
After the re-approval of Ficam D in 2019 by the Health & Safety Executive, the insecticide became limited to only indoor use. The product can, therefore, be applied in buildings such as hospitals, factories, houses and military establishments. Other areas you can use Ficam D to get rid of wasps include inside vehicles, aircraft as well as ships.
The product is designed to allow for more penetration into voids. As such, professionals recommend that you use Ficam D in hard to reach areas like crevices, roof voids and service vents, which must be sealed after application. It is also highly effective in areas where the use of liquid-based formulation is undesirable, such as around electrical installation.
Application and How It Works
Ficam D is easy to use thanks to its well-explained label recommendations. However, to be safe, the product must only be applied by well trained and experienced professionals.
You can apply Ficam D in two ways. When the infested area is inaccessible, using a Dustick Powder Duster is the best way to go about it. If the area is easy to reach, then you are better of using a bellows hand duster.
For best results, the insecticide should be applied at the nest entrance and around the infested areas. Unlike other products that excite the wasps, Ficam D does not affect the behaviour of the wasps. So be sure the wasps will come into contact with the powder.
The insecticide will then get rid of the infestation by killing the whole colony. So how does this happen? When wasps come into contact with the dust, they do not die immediately. It takes about 15 minutes for a wasp to die. During this time the wasp carries the insecticide back to the nest where the queen and other members of the colony get contaminated thereby eradicating the entire colony.
Is Ficam D Harmful to Humans?
Ficam D is harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or if it comes into contact with the body. If contact occurs, ensure you use water and soap to thoroughly clean the skin, or use a lot of clean water to wash your eyes.
When exposed to the dust, make sure to wash your hands before eating or drinking anything. It is also advisable to wash your clothes after handling Ficam D.




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